There Is A Hero In Us All. Pre-plan for peace of mind... Donate Your Body To Science & Give Learn More... Hope To Future Generations. No-Cost Cremation To You And Your Learn More... Loved Ones.

Body Donation To Science

The Ultimate Gift To Future Generations

Because of the generosity of those who have donated their bodies to science, we all experience:

Increased life expectancy
Increased quality of life

The need for body donation to science touches every part of our lives. If you have ever taken any type of prescription medication, used any type of skin product, or had any type of surgery, you’ve benefited from donors who helped to develop all areas of medicine.

Thank you to every donor who has given their final gift to make our lives better!

The Ultimate Gift To Future Generations

Each year thousands of people choose to donate their body to science to change the world for all of us. Whole body donors have accelerated medical research on many fronts, leading to new medical devices and safer, more effective treatment for patients.

We have helped multiple families and individuals save thousands of dollars in cremation and funeral costs thanks to our diligent research. We have always been committed to the highest level of ethics. We are committed to doing things right, and our foundation is our culture of respect for donors, their families and loved ones.

Leave A Lasting Legacy

To Your Loved Ones

You Have Options

Know Your Options

Donate To Science And

Change The World

Funeral Costs

Start Planning By Pre-Planning

Create the Memories You’ll Leave Behind

Planning ahead can give you a sense of relief knowing your life will be celebrated exactly how you want.

End Of Life Options

Each day, potential donors ask us about the differences between burial, cremation, university donation, organ donation, and body donation to science. Please take a minute to read the differences between each of these end-of-life options in an honest and transparent manner. Here at Wysteria Mosaic, we only coordinate body donation to science.