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Body Donations 1

Can I donate my body to medical research and education?

Nearly everyone will qualify for donation, and there is no upper age limit. By registering through one of our referrals, you can state your intent to donate your body to science for the opportunity to contribute to future medical advancements. Pre-plan today β€” takes less than 5 minutes.

Register Now

More than 25,000 people join the registry every year. State your intent now and let your wishes be known.

How body donation works

Learn about no-cost cremation, important forms to complete, and our commitment to helping donor’s wishes be honored.

Body Donations 2

Do I have the option to be both an organ donor and a body donor for science?

You can register your intent for both organ donation and non-transplant donation. Wysteria Mosaic encourages life-saving organ donation prior to body donation to science. You will need to register for both programs separately, and let your loved ones know your wish to donate to both organizations.